Hey guys just like I promised May 16. So the first thing is my mother is pregnant!!!! So now everything else. So I guess I’ll start with… Carlyraejemsonlover101’s interview about bullying at our school.

Question One: What has Stupidhead done to you? She has done everything to me!

Question Two: Do you have any for my readers? Yes, live your dream and show your inner geek!

Question Three: What’s the worst thing Stupidhead has ever done to you? Back when we where friends she kicked me on the booty and kissed me on the lips! (she’s an awful kisser!)

Question Four: How do you feel about the bullying at our school? I seriously hate it!

Now it’s time for anonymous’s interview (She’s younger so instead of Stupidhead I will put bullies instead of Stupidhead Question One: What have bullies done to you? They have called me fat.

Question Two: Do you have any advice for my readers? Yes, if someone is mean to you walk away and go tell a teacher or a parent!

Okay so, now it’s your turn these questions.

Question 1. Are people mean to you if so, why are people mean to you?
Question 2. What do they say to you?
Question 3. Do you have any advice to give other people reading this?


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