school dance time

I am actually kind of happy that I didn’t go to the school dance called the Bunny Hop Dance because I’ve heard some pretty bad things that happened like fights and drama with stupid head,but my bff also said some good stuff like, there was all kind of weird music and different dances. she said that there was a kid that tripped five different people on ย purpose so that kind of made made me happy that I stayed home I enjoyed being able to relax instead of having to listen to all of the drama that she told me about.


2 thoughts on “school dance time

  1. I was there and yes there was a lot of drama by drama I mean Supid heads crap she is a expert if you call rolling your eyes, drama and harassing expert. Me and her use to be bffs and during spring break I got the rudest text ever!! That’s why I don’t like stupid head. She tells me I have drama I laugh. LOOK IN THE MIRROR STUPID HEAD!! Thank you btw me and Talesfromgke are pretty good friends we are in the same class thanks.


    1. Thanks, Lexy for leaving us a comment here at a comment and yeah Stupidhead DOES need to look in the mirror but just for another reason too!
      What Stupidhead thinks she looks like
      What she really looks like


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