Hey guys just like I promised May 16. So the first thing is my mother is pregnant!!!! So now everything else. So I guess I’ll start with… Carlyraejemsonlover101’s interview about bullying at our school.

Question One: What has Stupidhead done to you? She has done everything to me!

Question Two: Do you have any for my readers? Yes, live your dream and show your inner geek!

Question Three: What’s the worst thing Stupidhead has ever done to you? Back when we where friends she kicked me on the booty and kissed me on the lips! (she’s an awful kisser!)

Question Four: How do you feel about the bullying at our school? I seriously hate it!

Now it’s time for anonymous’s interview (She’s younger so instead of Stupidhead I will put bullies instead of Stupidhead Question One: What have bullies done to you? They have called me fat.

Question Two: Do you have any advice for my readers? Yes, if someone is mean to you walk away and go tell a teacher or a parent!

Okay so, now it’s your turn these questions.

Question 1. Are people mean to you if so, why are people mean to you?
Question 2. What do they say to you?
Question 3. Do you have any advice to give other people reading this?



Sorry I haven’t posted in a while you guys but I’ve been working on something big! But I suppose I could tell you something it involves the latest drama, questions, and the comments section. So read about it all on tomorrow’s edition on May the sixth! Peace out guys!

school dance time

I am actually kind of happy that I didn’t go to the school dance called the Bunny Hop Dance because I’ve heard some pretty bad things that happened like fights and drama with stupid head,but my bff also said some good stuff like, there was all kind of weird music and different dances. she said that there was a kid that tripped five different people on  purpose so that kind of made made me happy that I stayed home I enjoyed being able to relax instead of having to listen to all of the drama that she told me about.


Today we took a social studies test I got an A. We had outdoor recess. I wanted to read for recess but Mrs. Leone didn’t let me take my book outside. I read peoples palms at lunch and shot hoops at recess. I had dance today I fell in a back-bend train because one girl moved and knocked someone over and we turned into human dominoes. And that’s today’s tale from Geneva Kent Elementary.


My parents are talking about taking me, my sister, Bianca, and my BFF, Gabby to the beach together this summer. I went to a wreath party today and ate Chinese food, cheese balls, and cheesecake. I made a beautiful wreath with tulle, ribbon, wire, pins, and false flowers. I made it for my Mum mum who is moving here from Virginia. She couldn’t make it to the party became  pop pop had a doctors appointment in Virginia.

Beth, mom, Meamaw, aunt d, Amanda, Akeera, Bianca, Lisa, and nanny were there. I burned myself with the hot glue gun. It hurt and gave me a blister. I loved to make the wreath. Me and my  had a sleepover.

We call it super slumber party! We had so much fun. We drank suicide soda. We sang karaoke. We watched TV. Our first goal was 12:00. Which we achieved. The second was 2:00. Third 4:00 acheived exetra. 

We tried to turn into mermaids it didn’t work because we couldn’t find the right video. We stayed up watching PLL and Glee. For breakfast we had  pancakes from IHOP to eat and it was delightful. But, we had to wait for ever since it was a Sunday. I got the first book of the lying game which later made me feel stupid because it’s on oyster, an app sort of like Netflix, but for books. I went to Claire’s afterwards and bought an adorable phone case that says,”if I had a British accent I would never shut up.” with a UK flag for a background!

It was my dog Layla’s B-day. So, we went to the pet store and got her a b-day dog cookie, a toy, and a treat (a raw bone covered in meat). After that we went to target which was kind of boring. Then we went to the craft store. We got stuff to make friendship bracelets.

When we got home we invited Blaine over. We made so many cool bracelets! Eventually Gabby left. Thirty minutes later Blaine left. for dinner I had a veggie burger, I am not veggie but I LOVE vegetables! And that’s todays tale from Geneva Kent Elementary.

Stupid head

Stupid Head bullies Angeline,once in gym she tripped Angeline in hockey purposely. And smart mouths the teacher. She puts up her hands up and pretends she’s squeezing something round Angeline’s head when she’s mad or stressed. But get this straight if you do something to her she gets you back! Example: turn your friends against you and/or start a rumor about you. As a wise person once said,

” I don’t know which is more pathetic those who start rumors or those who listen to them.”

Well I guess that makes Stupid head double pathetic since she does both! My family is making me go wreath making. Which seems really boring. I love to do crafts but only when I get to choose what I’m making myself. I will write more later. And that is today tale from Geneva Kent Elementary!

I am a geek. Ask anyone who knows me.  My best friends are books. I normally read or make crafts at recess. I am part of the math field day team.

My enemy is well I won’t use her real name or she might sue. YES. She is that vicious. I’ll call her stupid head or ayla-jay. She makes Ursala look like a butterfly.

You would think I’d be happy at school but I know the math problems, read the reading assignments, and I have one friend.  Peers will tell never tell  me what is going on. Today is a snow day so nothing much happened.